Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where to Buy Women Hindi, English and Regional Magazines at Discount Rates?

Women magazines are read across the world and similarly they are very popular in India too. In India, we can find many good women magazines in Hindi, English and Indian Regional languages. The good thing about Women magazines is that they are not only popular with women but they are same way popular with men too. The popular Women Magazines in English in India are Women’s Era, Femina etc and in Hindi, we can find magazines like Grihshobha and Sarita. Women magazines are always a great source of information for women because these magazines educated ordinary women living in small towns about latest trends in fashion, health, life and many things. However, it cost lot for women when they buy such magazines from book stores because they do not get any discount. On the other hand, by subscribing these magazines for one year or two year women can get great discount with free gifts. I am also adding a 7.5% extra discount coupon below to extra discount on already discounted price.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Does Haryana is becoming rape capital of India?

Women safety always remain compromised in India because we constantly see crimes against women. In recent times, numbers of rape has gone very high in Haryana much higher as compared to other states of India. So far, Haryana government and police have failed to stop such incidences. On the reverse, they are blaming women are all this. From political leaders to Khap Panchayats all are blaming women for increase in numbers of rapes and they have come up with a strange solution of marry girls at age of 15 to avoid rapes in state. Congress spokesman said yesterday that girls/women make sex relationships willingly. These all are very strange remarks which show clear sign of man dominated society. It is clearly duty of state and police to provide all necessary security to women and insure that no woman suffer from such incidences in future.

I Pray for Early Recovery of Malala Yousufzai

Few days, few criminal minded people injured The teenage Pakistani children's rights activist Malala Yousufzai. This incidence shocked whole of world and everyone is praying for the early recovery of Malala. It is sad to see that still there are many narrow-minded people in world who can not see women rising in life. Malala emerged as great hope for millions of teenage girls and boys in remote area of Pakistan because of great work she was doing for them. In many parts of world are still dominated by men and they do not allow women to come forward. In this incidence, it was a total cowardly behavior by some men who do not how to respect woman. I strongly condemn such incidences targeting innocent women involved in welfare of society. There are many women like Malala who are doing great work for society; therefore, it is important for us to support such women. 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why women die during pregnancy?

Many women fear giving birth to a child because large numbers of women die during pregnancy or labor pain. To some extent these women are right because millions of women die every year because of pregnancy or during child birth. The question is this why these women die?

The first and most important answer is weakness in women. Many women become pregnant despite having weak physical conditions like low hemoglobin levels in blood or shortage of other essential nutrients. During pregnancy, a baby grows inside a woman and he absorbs all essential nutrients from mother which leads to further decrease in essential nutrients in women and sometimes, their levels go below critical levels and cause death. 

Second reason is presence of pre-existing illness or disease in body. To avoid death or complications during pregnancy, it is important for women to have perfect physical and mental condition before becoming pregnant. Women should take proper diet and medication to avoid any complications. Most of medicines are now provided free to pregnant women in Govt. Hospitals; therefore, poor women can take help of these options.   

Women as secondary citizens

Despite liberation of women across the world, many women still face domestic violence. The sad part of story is that many educated women too become victims of domestic violence. In many ways our world is still dominated by male and women are treated as secondary citizens. Therefore, many times we see compromise on the women rights. In India, women are treated by unwanted human beings. First girls baby are killed at the birth time and if they survive then they see violence from the hands of in-laws. Society is still not open for equal rights for women and treating them at par. Though, Indian government has taken numbers of good steps to increase active role of women in life and make their lives secure. However, still lots of work is required to be done.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A world of opportunities for women

Today, we are seeing a world of opportunities for women where women can find many opportunities to .exploit. Women can excel in any field of life and career. In today, women can do most of works which are done by men; therefore, women do now have many options in front of them. With empowerment of women, they are becoming stronger and handling their life challenges more easily. Increasing confidence of women is also good for our society because it increases harmony in society. Educated women help in educating whole family thus we see a good effect on society. Moreover, increasing cost of living is making it necessary for women to come out of homes and work.

Women world dominated by Men

Still we can find many women across world whose world is dominated by men and it revolves around these men only. Mostly, these women do not have control over their life and decisions. This situation is present across the world mostly in developing and under developed nations. Across the world, lots of work has been done in this direction to provide women their rights but still lots of work is required to be done and we need aggressive change in thinking of men. It is duty of men to provide women right to live their life as per their will. In this way, we can see a good world where women are more free.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stressful life and women

Today, large numbers of women across the world are living a very stressful life because they are struggling with many problems simultaneously. In present world, life has become very fast and competitive; therefore, many women fail to get complete rest and peace of mind. Earlier, women in India were supposed to remain inside homes and do home related work only; however, present Indian women do office jobs and simultaneously take care of homes. In this way, work pressure has increased on them many times and it is causing lot of stress to them. There are many modern world techniques available in front of women to cope up with these stressful situations like yoga, exercise, meditation etc. Women can get help of these techniques to reduce stress from their life.

Enjoyment of living with a dream women

There is great enjoyment present in life in living with your dream women. Life suddenly becomes very rewarding and happy by living with her and we see life more beautifully. A man is totally incomplete without a women and it is very important for every man to search his dream women and spent his life with her. However, there are very few lucky people who become successful in finding their dream women. It is also important for every man to provide every comfort and love to his dream woman so that she can enjoy with you. Life becomes very refreshing and peaceful for such couple who see happiness through each other. We also can find great happiness in life by enjoying our life gather with our soul mate.

Role of Women in Life

Across the world women play a great role in constructing good society and it is very hard for us to imagine a good society without help of women. Women are strong pillars of society and they provide great help by making our society very strong. If we see back at successful old societies of world then women have played very important role in making them successful. However, in many parts of world women are not getting their equal share of opportunities as compared to men; therefore, these societies are not progressing. On the other hand where women are getting full opportunities to take part in society are becoming very progressive societies. Modern world is more open for women and it wants to provide equal opportunities to women; therefore, we can hope that women will play crucial role in shaping modern societies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Safety of women in India

In last few days, all news channels are filled with numbers of news from across India where women are treated in wrong manner. Indian state of UP and Indian capital New Delhi top in list of places where many crimes are done against women in India. UP state is ruled by a woman chief minister; therefore, it is sad if women of UP faces numbers of such crimes. Northern states of India are required to improve their reputations in treating women because crimes against women are very high in these states. Lots of actions from governments and society are required to be done to increase status of women and provide them safe environment to live.

Power of women

Women are making our world more powerful and strong because they are contributing in numbers of ways to world. Without women, it is very difficult for anyone to consider a strong and happy world. Women also contribute in big way towards the stability of this world and they are responsible for peace. It is important for every country on world to respect its women and provide full opportunities of growth to its women. In many parts of world, women are still not treated in right way and we are required to change all this. Despite being not treated well or given prime position in society, women will always work towards the welfare of society.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Importance of Social Networking for Women

Social networking can be very useful platform for women because women can easily interact with large numbers of men and women online. There are large numbers of online social networks present and women can easily join them. These social networks make our life very easy and help us to explore others. Today, it is very hard to imagine a life without social networks and therefore, women can also get help of these networks to increase their social circle. It is very easy to get all desired updates and information with the help of these social networks. Sometimes, we can even find good help or solutions through them. Already, large numbers of women are exploiting opportunities available through these social networking websites.

Importance of Good Lighting

LLighting always play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of our homes, therefore, it is very important for any person to pay proper attention of lighting while constructing a house. Even people in earlier centuries also have some solutions of the lighting but today, the number of options available with the people has increased many times. We can easily find number of attractive varieties and designs of the fine art lamps in the market which can make lighting experience of our homes more attractive. People can also get the help of experts for selecting proper lighting solutions for their homes.

Experts can easily provide lot help in getting selecting lighting for our home and also saving electricity simultaneously. Today, variety in the lighting solutions is very large and to know more about the options people can easily visit websites. At this website, people can easily find latest varieties in lighting maxim lighting, kichler lighting and many more. With the help of this website, people can make perfect choice for the lighting solution for their home. People can also find number of attractive discounts on this website which are not available otherwise in the market. Second, people can also find all latest variety in the single window. On this website, people can also find number of other products like electric fans, bathroom and kitchen accessories etc. Overall, this website is a good resource for all lighting needs.
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